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We’re a full service marketing agency with expertise in digital marketing strategy, website design and development, social media marketing, and search marketing.
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Building a good online reputation involves many processes including the creation of a reliable website, optimizing it with SEO, running google ads, analyzing competitor websites, creating blogs and publishing press releases. Also this reputation is maintained through the good communication with the clients using social media platforms.

“DANA digital media” will offer you a wide range of professional services that will lead your company and brand to the targeted online reputation, these services are listed as below:

a. Creating a professional website
b. Search engine optimization “SEO”
c. Running Google Ads to drive traffic
d. Analysis of competitor websites
e. Creating blogs
f. Publishing press releases
g. Managing social media platforms
h. Responding on client comments and reviews

When professionally managed, these services will lead to:

a. Improved Sentiment of comments.
b. Have the most-positive mentions rank higher
c. Have more people spread your positive content
d. Learn more about your customers’ preferences
e. Nurture customer loyalty
f. Reduce negative feedback
g. Minimize client complaints
h. Hunt down bad comments

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